Problems with VirtualEnvs

So, I've been having some issues with virtualenvs lately.

Not sure why this is cropping up now but...

At some time in the past, I created virtualenvs for various applications. At the time, the system python was 3.7. Now that 3.8 has arrived and it has been installed as the new system python, all the virtualenvs that were created using 3.7 don't work anymore.

Luckily, I have either a requirements.txt or Pipfile so I am able to delete the old virtualenv and create a new one and so far, everything is working but I thought the reason for creating the virtualenv was to be able to run mulitple versions of both Python and the packages that get installed.

I have been working with pyenv and the way it handles different versions works out better for me.

Because it keeps a separate copy of each version of Python it installs, when a virtualenv is created using that version, it always points to that version. As long as that version isn't uninstalled or removed, the virtualenv will always work.