About this Blog

This is (in essence) a public repository of Notes, Instructions, Videos and other things that I have written down over the years.

They may not be 100% complete as far as the instructions go (i.e I know how to use ViM, so I don't usually explain how to edit a file using it).

They may assume you are using the same type environment:

  • A linux distribution on the computer (I mostly use ArchLinux but sometimes Ubuntu)

  • I also use a MacBookPro so some posts may be about that

  • Debian or Ubuntu for the server

When things are really different, I will try to fill in gaps.

There is also stuff about the Raspberry Pi including programming in Python, Scratch and maybe some other languages. I will also be looking into hardware hacking with the Raspberry Pi.

There are a couple of ways you can contact me:

If you really don't want other people to see your question or comment: dastagg at dastagg dot com

And there's the usual suspects: Twitter .