Install The MVS 3.8j Tur(n)key 4- System

This are the steps to install the The MVS 3.8j Tur(n)key 4- System.

NOTE: If you are going to run this on a Raspberry Pi, I recommend that you use TMUX to ssh into the RPi so you can detach from the RPi without closing down the emulator. There are many tutorials out there for TMUX (search for them) but in general it goes something like this: (But: if you are using TMUX for other things, this might not work.)

To attach and detach:

Open a terminal, run tmux, ssh into the RPi, start the process, use <ctrl> b + d to detach from the RPi.

To re-attach:

Open a terminal, run "tmux attach" and it should take you back to the MVS 3.8 console.

  • tmux into the RPi

These instructions should be the same for whichever OS you are running (not including Windows).

  • create and cd into a directory to hold the system

    mkdir mvs38 && cd mvs38

  • wget the file


  • unzip the file


  • run


  • run


Let the system run.